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உள்ளம் குழையுதடி கிளியே – 20

ஹாய் பிரெண்ட்ஸ்,

சென்ற பகுதிக்கு வரவேற்பு அளித்த அனைவருக்கும் என் மனமார்ந்த நன்றிகள். இனி இன்றைய பதிவில் நக்ஷதிராவின் தகிடுதத்ததை உணர்ந்த சரத்தின் மனநிலை என்னவாக இருக்கும். அதிலிருந்து அவனால் மீண்டு வர முடிந்ததா பார்ப்போமா…

உள்ளம் குழையுதடி கிளியே – 20


தமிழ் மதுரா


  1. So short sweet update mam. The flashback of Sarath has revealed the real side of him and Hima has correctly guessed that he would not have proposed first was amazing guess. This shows that they are emotionally attached and soon Hima is also going to realize it. On the other hand the teaser of Nakshatra’s new film and it’s impact in Sarath’s home is completely gone to give a big full stop for her entry in Sarath’s life. Hmmm what Chinnayan has planned to do? Waiting eagerly for your next update mam.

  2. Super Ud,ivanga already super pair,ipo super family a maritu irukathu,happy mathura.sarath unarntha hima melana love a epo avakitte veli padu that poranu parthitu iruntha loosu payan raji odaana love story a explain pannitu irukan,ivana enathan seya?ithula villain Vera hospital kilambi achu,ena agum nu bayama iruku.please seekiram next Ud podunga mathura.

  3. Nice epi Tamil

    Valter Chinnaswamy enna panna porar?

    Cute Dhuruv

    So Raji proposed and entered his life…. when she saw the film world…. she ditched him… ditched him or still has want to use him once she retries… waiting:)

  4. Thanks Tamil for giving bunch of emotions bonded episode . Cho sweet . Dhuruv thaan real super hero . His care towards his appa , immitating dance , pattikitta nadanthathai appadiye sollum innocence … Wow so cute .
    Sarath and Hima getting closer very happy .
    Intha villain enna seiya poraano ?
    Eagerly waiting to know .
    Come soon with big updates .

  5. மனதைத்தொடும் அப்டேட்!!!

    பலவிதங்களில் உள்ளம் குழைந்துவிட்டது 😊

  6. Hi Tamil,
    Mudhalil – thanks for the lovely BGM – romba naal aachu indha song kettu.

    And thanks for a lovely episode. Dhruv kutti pesuradhu konjam – but whatever he says, does, that makes him the center for that episode, no question. Nenjil yeri simmasanam pottukkurar, kutti master !

    So, Sarath badly wanted a family of which he had been deprived in his childhood. No wonder!

    Hima super-a Sarath-i vetka pada vera vachitta 🙂 🙂 Choooo sweet.

    Sarath than nambikkaiyai Raji kulaithu vittadhil thadumari vidum kanneer, Dhruv kutti kitterndhu – enna oru fierce defense/protection vaangi kudukkudhu ! Certainly a super-hero ! So, sure, avan irukkappa avanoda Appavai yaar enna pannida mudiyum? Plus a sweet kiss ! You go , my little hero!!

    First time, Hima pillayaidam kai neetuvadhum, adhukku Sarath-in strong reaction, plus his mother’s… sets off a chain reaction… already turning the tide (hearts and minds) against Nakshathra, at the same time, tying Hima, Sarath, Drhuv and Deivanai all tighter in their affection/bonding towards each other – brilliant, Tamil.

    Ha – ippadi ellame virumbuna direction-la poyittu irukkum podhu, indha Chinnaiya nichayama, Eden-la pugundha Snake thaan… Ippo John kitte enna koottani pottu, avan moolama Hima pathina vivaram karakka poyittara? Ivarukku yen indha vendatha velai? Ithanai varusham Deivanaiyai yemathi adichathellam pathalaiya? Aasai yaarai vittadhunnu meipikkirare … too bad …

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