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சித்ராங்கதா – 10

Chitrangatha – 10


  1. hi mam,sarayu pavam.anukundu enna annan?male child kku certain age vara than amma thevai.anal girl kku she needs her mother in every aspect of her life.jijnu kku evvalvo pasama, evenga endu per meethum?thank you for your update&reply.waiting for your upate.no problem in waiting for you&our sarayu,jijnu,venki

    • Thanks Devi. Sarayuvoda nilai. Sila samayam sila vishayangal namma kaila illai. Aana namma Sarayu meenduviduvaalnu enakku nambikai irukku.

  2. feeling so sad for Sarayu…!! I’m feeling like ‘உன் கண்னில் நீர் வழிந்தால்’… hope she’ll be alright soon… 🙁 🙁 🙁

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